Florida Hunting General Information
Florida hosts 1.65 million alligators. They can be up to 14 feet long, weigh an average of 800 lbs and have jaws with the force of 2,000 lbs per square inch. Mostly found in the swamps of Florida and in some cases; resident pools, parking lots, backyards, and even crossing the interstate. Often, you never ever know where these dangerous reptiles may be and that is the thrill of an FWC alligator trapper call. You never know what scenario you are going to encounter, which makes it that much more exciting. 

Nuisance Alligator Hunt

This is a SPRING time gator hunt where our FWC trappers are dispatched.

FWC dispatches our trappers to residents, golf clubs, pools, shoreline ponds, and anywhere a gator can hide.

Client rides in air-conditioned camo trucks keeping the community safe.

Clients ride along with the Trappers when they go to the nuisance calls. 

During the peak season, which is spring through summer, there can be 2-6 calls per day. 

 There is no size guarantee, but it is possible to harvest multiple gators from 4-11 foot.

 Public Season Alligator Hunt

Season runs August 15 through Oct 31 

This is a night time hunt on the airboat which is available during hunting hours 5pm - 10am.

 We provide these tags drawn through FWC state draw, even if you are a non-resident.

 We provide the weapons which include bang stick, harpoon, and cross bow.

Clothing should be light jacket, dark long sleeve shirt, long pants, and tennis shoes.

 Client has multiple opportunities at large gators.

Public Season Charter Hunt

Client resident or non-resident bring their OWN tags and our guides help them fill the tags.

 Clothing should be light jacket, dark long sleeve shirt, long pants, and tennis shoes.

Osceola Turkey Hunt

Season runs mid March through end of April.

Client goes with guide to different private or public properties of choice.

Camo pants, and long sleeve shirt is required as turkeys can see very well.

Additional Information

Nuisance gator can be added to any hunt for $500 per day.

Coolers are available for special diet or medicine needs with any of our hunts.

Lodging is available with any of our hunts for additional charge.

Clients may purchase license and stamps where ever hunting and fishing license are sold.

(myfwc.com, wal-mart, bass pro....etc)

Payment pay pal preferred 


Air Boat Charters

Let one of our Certified Master Captains take you on a tour of a lifetime.

Whether a bird watcher, outdoors photographer, or just wanting to get some wind in your hair we can show you Florida.


Taxidermy and Processing 

Prices vary, typically starting around $250 and go up

Able to do head mounts, full body mounts, trophy skins, hides tanned, and rug with head attached.




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